Safety is Our #1 Priority1 Priority.

At The Wright Inflatables we try to make sure we stay on top of keeping everyone safe while making sure everyone can stay having fun. With that being said Safety is our #1 priority. We do this by continuing to make sure our Inflatables are cleaned before and after each event with a plant based cleaner. Our slides have built in anti-jump netting to prevent people from getting hurt. We ensure that each inflatable is properly secured either with sandbags and/or stakes.

General Rules:

  • A Responsible ADULT must supervise and operate the inflatable and equipment at all times.
  • Do NOT allow participants to enter the inflatable without ADULT supervision.
  • Participants must NOT be allowed to play on the step or front apron of any inflatable devices.
  • All participants must REMOVE shoes, jewelry, eyeglasses, combs or any other hard objects that could cause injury to other participants or to the inflatable itself.
  • Absolutely NO food, drunk, gum, candy, SILLY STRING, CONFETTI, FACEPAINT, fingernail polish, paint, make-up, solvents, sticky substances, or pets inside or on the inflatable.
  • When participants are in / on inflatable, there shall be NO flips, wrestling, running, pushing, climbing the net wall, climbing up the side, or any other aggressive behavior that could injure other participants. Do not let participants bounce against the sides or entrance.
  • Mixing participants of different sizes will greatly increase the risk of injury.
  • Participants shall not sit or lay down while other participants are bouncing around them.
  • Water hoses or water must not be used in the inflatable(s), unless specifically manufactured for use with water.
  • Should the blower stop for any reason, instruct all participants to exit the unit calmly and safely. Most often the cause is an overloaded circuit or a piece of debris in front of the blower intake. Reset the circuit breaker and ensure that the blower is on a dedicated circuit. Clear any debris
  • In the event winds exceed fifteen (15) miles per hour (mph), lightening occur, or if it starts raining, turn the motor off after the participants exit. Unplug the motor and extension cord from the power outlet, and wait for the weather to subside. Once the weather subsides, remove the cover, wipe the unit and motor dry, and then re-inflate the inflatable as previously instructed by the TWI Representative during set-up.
  • In the event of an emergency, contact TWI immediately at (864) 702-2556 and dial 911 for emergency services (Police, Medical and Fire)

We keep all of Inflatables Insured through Cossio Insurance Agency. If you require extra coverage for an event or just want proof of coverage we can provide that for you.

Cossio Insurance